Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Philadelphia Inquirer shout out

I've been traveling around this nation of ours for over a month now, so apologies for not shouting for a bit. Anyhow, my feature on Titus Andronicus in Time Out New York got some unexpected praise…from lead singer Patrick Stickles's father. From The Philadelphia Inquirer:

"My dad called me up after reading the Time Out New York review," Stickles says, speaking of the album, which is significantly more accomplished and ambitious than the band's 2008 rough-and-ready debut, The Airing of Grievances. "He said, 'Did you see this? It says you made the first great concept album of the decade!' I said, 'Dad, it's March.' "

First The New York Times
, then this. I've got you in my crosshairs now, Wall Street Journal!