Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cone Zone Laugh Zone #1

People are up in arms about the trailer for the new Jackass movie which has a clip of what appears to be a beard made of pubic hair. When asked what he thought of the controversy, Michael Jackson said, "What is pubic hair?"

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes finally brought their baby, Suri, into the spotlight for an Annie Leibovitz photo spread in Vanity Fair. Conspicuously absent was the family's beloved test tube.

White House spokesman Tony Snow admitted that there were "three or four sentences" that could be construed as controversial in the President's 17-minute speech last night. It should be noted that Bush's speech writers like to use a lot of commas.
At the box office, Invincible starring Mark Wahlberg continued to draw a strong audience. The film, however, is not getting great reviews in neighborhoods like The Castro in San Francisco and Greenwich Village here in New York. Audience members seemed to be disappointed that the film didn't end with a shot of a giant penis. (Camera to La Bamba.)
In the new issue of Rolling Stone, the editors give Paris Hilton's new album three stars. Apparently she can't get a five-star rating for everything she does with her mouth.

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